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Top Crypto Films You Need to Watch

Cryptocurrency is now a big part of our daily lives, and blockchain technology is more popular than ever. If you want an entertaining way to learn more about crypto, check out these top films and movies about crypto.

TOP 11 Crypto Movies

Explore the TOP 11 cryptocurrency films to see how digital money affects our lives, the challenges it faces, and how it fits into our culture.

Life on Bitcoin (2014)

The film traces the journey of Austin and Beccy, a couple who just got married, as they try to use only Bitcoin for their first hundred days together. It’s called “Life on Bitcoin,” and it shows how hard it is to spend this digital money in smaller towns. 


The difficulties are shown by the efforts of these newlyweds to persuade shop owners nearby to take Bitcoins or sometimes having no choice but traveling far just for daily needs.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

The movie makes the case that Bitcoin, because it is decentralized, has the potential to compete with established banking systems. It follows the development of money starting from when people exchanged goods directly up to today’s complex financial trading centers.

The movie criticizes how central banks and the financial people responsible for the 2008 crisis do things. It shows that governments are part of making money, which causes inflation to happen.

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

This award-winning film explores the opportunities and challenges of Bitcoin and blockchain. It features interviews with developers, cryptographers, researchers, investors, lawmakers, and futurists from Europe and America.

It is not just a movie for explaining how the technology works but also shares stories of how it’s used in actual life.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016) – Movie About Cryptocurrency

The movie shares tales of early Bitcoin adventurers, looking into the triumphs and setbacks of those who first owned this cryptocurrency.

It explores Bitcoin’s past and its future possibilities as it competes with regular payment methods and conventional money. The crypto documentary features interviews with Charlie Shrem, Eric Voorhees, and Gavin Andresen.

The Simpsons (Season 31, Episode 13 – 2020)

After entering the mainstream, it was only a matter of time before cryptocurrency showed up in an episode of “The Simpsons“. In the new episode called “The Frinkcoin”, Professor Frink from Springfield introduces his own digital currency and quickly becomes the wealthiest person in town. 

This situation is something Mr. Burns, who often plays the villain and represents a traditional billionaire stereotype on the show, finds unacceptable. The episode finishes by returning everything to the original state, showing us the importance of friends and that happiness cannot be purchased with money.

Silicon Valley (2014 – 2019)

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are big themes in Silicon Valley, a comedy show about young software developers trying to start their company amidst tough rivals and personal conflicts.

The show often talks about digital currencies and their technology. They feature in jokes, chats, and the main story of the episode “Initial Coin Offering,” where the characters try Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin in Uganda (2014)

The film “Bitcoin in Uganda” shares Roland’s life, a Ugandan student in the US. It shows how digital currency can truly improve lives.

For his school fees, Roland depends on money from home, but usual ways of sending cash charge big fees and take long time to send the money. Bitcoin became a significant change for Ronald’s family, helping them to bypass the sluggish and costly payment process.

I am Satoshi (2014)

“I am Satoshi,” named after the legendary creator of Bitcoin, is a project that debates the benefits of using cryptocurrency instead of regular money and traditional payment methods. Also, you can read more about cryptocurrency’s advantages and disadvantages.

It also includes interviews with leading figures in the crypto industry and examines how Bitcoin fits into the worldwide financial system.

Deep Web (2015)


Keanu Reeves is the narrator of a movie that tracks the story involving Silk Road, Bitcoin, and activities on the dark web. It focuses mainly on Ross Ulbricht’s trial; he made Silk Road. The film includes talks with Andy Greenberg from Wired magazine and Amir Taaki who is a developer.

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin (2014)

The documentary shows the story of Daniel Mross, who is a computer programmer and he really likes cryptocurrency. He became interested in Bitcoin back in 2011. The purpose of making this film was to teach others about digital money and help blockchain technology grow faster. 

The movie features conversations with early Bitcoin pioneers like Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, and Mark Karpeles. It shows regular individuals what cryptocurrency is about by sharing stories of both triumphs and failures.

Bitcoin: Shape The Future (2017)

Bitkan’s documentary explores the history of decentralized blockchain technology from China’s perspective. It also looks at the global community of Bitcoin. The movie includes appearances by founders of Chinese crypto companies like Huobi’s Jihan Wu.

Conclusion of Best Crypto Movies

In short, there are many top crypto films that are worth watching. They’re interesting and teach you about stuff like Bitcoin and how online cash works. So, instead of looking at rates, check out these best crypto films and learn about crypto.

F.A.Q About Top Crypto Films

Why should I watch crypto currency movies❓

Watch these movies to learn about cryptocurrencies, their origins, their impact on society, and potential risks and rewards.

Are movies about cryptocurrency only for experts❓

Not at all! These movies cater to a wide audience, from beginners seeking an introduction to crypto to experts looking for deeper insights.

Are there any movies on cryptocurrency❓

Yes, movies like Bitcoin: Shape The Future, I am Satoshi, Deep Web and others. 

Some popular crypto movies are “Life on Bitcoin,” “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It.”

Can these movies help me learn about blockchain technology❓

Yes! Many of these movies explain blockchain technology and how it powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.