ISO 20022 Compliant Crypto List

ISO 20022 was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It describes banking, finance, and insurance messaging standards that are open to any company or organization that wishes to join. Although it does not define data formats the applications may use, it covers business-to-business (B2B) communication between companies. The language used by ISO 20022 is English. ISO 20022 compliant crypto list below:

  • Ripple (CCC:XRP-USD)
  • Stellar Lumens (CCC:XLM-USD)
  • Iota (CCC:IOTA-USD)
  • Algorand (CCC:ALGO-USD)

More about ISO 20022 crypto. 

ISO 20022 compliant crypto list. What is it, and why should you care? ISO 20022 is a messaging standard used by banks and other financial institutions for transferring securities. It’s been around since 2002, and its popularity continues to grow. Recently, the ISO released a new version of the standard that includes support for crypto assets. This has caught the attention of many in the crypto community, who see it as a sign that ISO 20022 could be used as a global standard for blockchain payments. While there are still some hurdles to overcome before that can happen, the potential benefits make it worth exploring in more detail. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at ISO 20022 and know more about power blockchain payments.

ISO 20022 compliant crypto

Warning: Unsupported encoding detected. ISO 20022 is a self-contained and complete integrated information and communications standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions across all channels, including established international payment instruments and new technologies. The standard contains technical specifications for the interaction among the participants in an ISO 20022 compliant financial system using message exchange to support transactions that add or collect funds from customer accounts. It also defines rules governing the protocol that allows different interworking architectures to carry out message exchanges when implementing a transaction request in an interoperable manner.

The following article will describe creating a database-backed web application that can store encrypted credentials necessary for an ISO 20022 compliant banking system to transmit messages over the wire securely.

Financial institutions have widely adopted ISO 20022 as the standard message format for transfers, direct debits, and card payments. Many institutions are now applying this same messaging standard to their processes involving cryptocurrencies.


ISO 20022 basics

ISO 20022 defines mandated content components of specific messages sent between entities in implementing either a transfer or trade finance transaction. For each element, there are also rules around the data that needs to be present and the values of that data. These rules are based on market conventions accepted by financial institutions in each country.

Every participating institution had its message format for cryptocurrency transactions in the past. Recently, some institutions have been standardizing their cryptocurrency transaction messages to follow ISO 20022. Two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges developed a set of standards for messaging cryptocurrency payments using ISO 20022.

How does this affect you?

Because there is more than one way to send a currency payment using ISO 20022, your bank may need your help when deciphering a payment message from another institution coming across your desk. If you try to figure out what’s happening with someone else’s message, remember to use the rules around Mandatory Components only. The Optional Components in ISO 20022 are optional for a reason.

What could go wrong?

Your bank may misinterpret a message or misunderstand how a particular component filled out when processing a cryptocurrency payment. Also, specific values sent in an ISO 20022 message will need to match what your institution expects. Otherwise, there will be problems processing the payment.


While ISO 20022 could be used in any context or industry where businesses communicate electronically. It’s design goals have been tailored to address issues commonly encountered in financial services. As a result, it offers a service-oriented architecture that addresses several contemporary requirements related to financial transactions, including automated reconciliation and error handling. This achieved by basing the standard on existing message syntaxes within specific industries such as securities settlements and insurance.


In conclusion, if you want to find a list of cryptocurrencies compliant with ISO 20022, we have compiled one for your convenience. This page provides information on the top three cryptocurrencies, all in compliance with ISO 20022. And how they compare against each other. The table below shows an overview of their features and specifications. So that you can see at a glance what makes them different from each other. We also provide links to where you can buy these coins if you’re interested in investing in any of them.