Topia Coin

Token Economy as part of the launch of the SDFS network, Topia Technology will release a new cryptocurrency token known as Topia Coin. Within the SDFS network, this token will be used to pay for services as well as to reward users who contribute to network health. In the Topia Coin economy, token uses range… Continue reading Topia Coin

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Secrata security platform

As we said Topia Technology was founded in 1999 and spent a decade securely moving and managing data in complex distributed environments for programs with the US Army, the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Air Force and the Transportation Security Administration. Also, each of these customers required security complemented by strong performance metrics. These challenges… Continue reading Secrata security platform

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Blockchain Hacking – How To Avoid?

It is unfortunate that blockchains which were once perceived as unhackable, are now getting hacked. Cyber insecurity is now at an all-time high and its main target is the blockchain. Scenarios such as the 51% attack (where a hacker can gain more than half of a Cryptocurrency network computing power to make double-spends) which was… Continue reading Blockchain Hacking – How To Avoid?

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