Best GPU for Mining

Cryptocurrency mining using hardware has gain popularity in recent years. You will have an opportunity to…

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Iso20022 crypto

ISO 20022 is a standard for exchanging financial messages between different applications, such as brokers or…

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Best Site to Stake Crypto

Earn Crypto Passively: Crypto Staking Returns

Cryptocurrency is developing into the current world’s economic engine. Since its anonymous creation and introduction sometime…

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Data Security Management

Every year, we hear or read about massive data breaches that cost companies millions of money.…

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Topia Coin

Token Economy as part of the launch of the SDFS network, Topia Technology will release a…

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Secrata security platform

As we said Topia Technology was founded in 1999 and spent a decade securely moving and…

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Blockchain Hacking – How To Avoid?

It is unfortunate that blockchains which were once perceived as unhackable, are now getting hacked. Cyber…

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Topia technology

The SDFS network will provide decentralized applications with a secure, point-to-point, micro-network-based data layer that allows…

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SDFS – Secure Decentralized File Sharing

The rise of blockchains has created an inflexion point that is driving the creation of a…

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